8 What you Should do When You’re Not Ready to Sell Yet

From renting to depositing, some obvious and not so obvious choices.

Can you guess all 6 options you have?

Maybe you’re ready to sell, but your children are still deciding if they want the timeshare.  Maybe you want to wait a few more years.  When you’re not ready to sell your timeshare, there are several alternatives.

First, you could locate a broker who has a robust rental program.  Again, you don’t want to pay any money upfront for this service.  An expert can show you proven rental strategies that can give you the best shot of paying most, if not all of your maintenance fees.  Sometimes, owners are able to net a few bucks more than their fees.

If you’re financially secure, and take joy in helping others…you may want to consider donating your vacations as a fundraiser for a worthy cause like in a silent auction.  You’d still pay the maintenance fees, but might feel better taking this approach rather than letting it go to waste.   Note that you are not advised to give your timeshare to charity…no reputable charities take timeshares.  They want to avoid maintenance fees too.

Maybe you could give the gift of a wonderful vacation to a good friend, employee or to a spiritual leader who has made an impact on your lives.  Maybe you could convert your timeshare use into points.  Marriott has Bonvoy points that can provide different benefits like discounts on airfare, rental cars, hotel stays.  Have you called your resort to find out if you can bank your use into the following year?  If you own Marriott Destination Points, you could do that.  If you own a legacy week, you probably won’t be able to bank, but would be able to deposit into Interval instead.

Alternate strategies for using your timeshare are not ‘one size fits all’.  The best course of action you could take largely depends on your financial situation, health, age, and the timeshare product you own.  Consulting with a trusted and true resale broker who doesn’t get paid upfront would be a wise move until you’re ready to sell.