5 Should You Wait to Sell so Prices Improve?

We can’t predict the future, but we can learn from the past.  Downward pressure on timeshare prices will likely continue.

People who wait to sell a timeshare almost always lose money

Upon hearing solid pricing advice given by a broker who gets paid solely from the proceeds of a closed sale, many sellers have chosen to hold the timeshare to see if prices will get better.  Unfortunately, every one of those folks that came back later, sold for a lower price.  Often with another year’s maintenance fees having been paid.

Our philosophy is that history is a much better teacher than gazing into a crystal ball.  While anything is possible, prices have steadily declined the past 15 years as the internet has had an increasingly larger impact on vacation travel.  It stands to reason that online businesses like AirBnb, Expedia, Home Away, VRBO etc will continue to flourish, and that only more competitors will enter the online realm causing further downward pricing pressure.

Resale price disparity is especially bad for those who purchased retail from the developer.  But even for those owners who purchased on the secondary market years ago find their units selling for less than what they paid.  There has been a steady decline in resale prices, and it doesn’t appear that the trend will be reversed.

There are developers with ROFR (Right of First Refusal) that have helped support the market for their timeshares.  Developers like Marriott Vacation Club, Disney Vacation Club, Hilton Grand Vacations Club all have ROFR.  Of these developers, Disney has held their value the greatest.  However, if you’re thinking about selling, doing so sooner rather than later is most likely the smartest decision to make.

Consult a resale broker who only gets paid from the proceeds of a closed sale.

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