It’s Time to Sell a Timeshare When...

Your kids don’t want the timeshare. Fees are too high. Travel is difficult.

You need to sell if you’ve experienced one or more of these situations.


It’s a Buyer’s Market

The timeshare resale market is a buyer’s market. A buyer’s market brings out the bargain hunters. Why are resale prices lower than developer prices?

Understanding the fundamentals of a Buyer’s Market is the key to selling a timeshare


Discover the Question that could save you $5,000

Timeshares are difficult to sell. Many aren’t worth more than $500 in a buyer’s market. It’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

This one simple question will quickly identify friend and foe.


Uncover the Secret Pricing Recipe Used to Sell 300+ Timeshares

You don’t want to over-price your timeshare and have it sit unsold. An under-priced timeshare leaves money on the table. How to price your timeshare to sell in a buyer’s market.

Finding the pricing “Sweet Spot”


Should You Wait to Sell so Prices Improve?

We can’t predict the future, but we can learn from the past. Downward pressure on timeshare prices will likely continue.

People who wait to sell a timeshare almost always lose money


Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

Should you deposit into Interval or convert a week into points? Should you book a week if you’re going to sell?

Learn from expensive mistakes made by those before you.


Your Loan Must be Paid in Full Before Closing

Selling a timeshare with a current loan will not eliminate that loan. What if you’re late on maintenance fees?

Your next steps will depend on whether you can pay the loan in full before closing


What you Should do When You’re Not Ready to Sell Yet

From renting to depositing, some obvious and not so obvious choices.

Can you guess all 6 options you have?


Understand the Selling Process

It begins with a listing, and ends at closing

An experienced broker can take the stress out of selling a timeshare


What are the Fees and Who Pays Them?

Seller’s usually only pay commission and buyer’s usually pay closing costs and transfer fees.

Hawaiian Timeshare? Foreign Seller? There are other fees to watch out for.