Who is winning?

Is pop culture influencing you or are you influencing your culture?

Attended the seminars, bought the book, joined the group – been there, done that? And is it still more of the same?

Your dreams, values, principals, goals, eroding in the face of an apathetic entitled culture?

That angst you feel is normal! It’s OK!! Keep reading…

Yup! It's the last thing Jesus said...

Right before he ascended, he asked us to “Teach them [influence] to observe all things that I have commanded you” Mathew 28:20.

To experience fulfillment and satisfaction in life, it’s necessary that you communicate what matters to you in a way others (family, friends, prospects, boss etc) get it. You were designed to influence.

Until you are effective at influencing your culture, you will continue to feel angst.

And, over time, cynicism and resignation take over and you will find yourself complaining instead of influencing.

Here are 3 strategies for you to influence and enroll others.

Yup! It's the last thing Jesus said

3 Strategies to Influence & Enroll Others

  1. First understand yourself: You were created with a unique blend of 4 personality traits: Driver/Dominance, Influencer/Enthusiastic, Supporter/Steady and Analyzer/Cautious.

    What blend are you? More

  2. Understand your audience, friends, prospects, family, boss, employees, leaders.

    What type are they?If you don’t get this, they won’t get you. More

  3. Tailor what you say, when you say it and how you say it, based on your audience. Jesus tailored his communication to his audience -He is the ultimate communicator and influencer.


Learn your personality blend

Identify your personality blend, you were created with a unique combination of traits.

(1). Driver/Dominance – it’s just about the bottom line (10% of the population), (2) Influencing and Inspiring – quick to see the upside (25-35%), (3) Supportive, steady and helpful – quick to serve others, (4) Cautious and Analytical – need to know the facts first (25-35%).

Which are you? Which types do you mostly get along with?

Learn your audience's blend

Your audience, like you, has been created with a unique blend – likely not the same blend as you.

Learn how to notice their choice of words, gestures, body language and identify their blend.

Some want just the bullet points, others want to know you care first, others need to know every little detail.

Be of greater service by taking the time to know your audience.

Effective influencing

We tend to communicate based on what works for us, not what works for our audience.

Jesus’s communication with Mary was different from Martha, was different from the pharisees.

He changed hearts and created enrollment.  We create factions.

Do you click or clash with those closest to you?  Learn how to click more.

The Gift of Getting Gotten

Simply having some one experience being “gotten” by you is a gift. Jesus knew how to do this and it’s why everyone was at home and felt welcomed and safe with Jesus. Take the time to learn how to understand and “get” others.

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