Rough Waters

In this lesson, I discuss potential challenges you may face and offer solutions

The Four possible SCENARIO you may face and their solutions.


Objections from Elected Officials

Their mistrust of you isn’t personal, but rather comes from dealing with
people whose objectives are not principle driven and are attempting to manipulate
the system for their own advantage.

Drama from Within

All of these strategies create a culture where the team is valued, respected, and acknowledged. And within this culture, you will have the support and moral high ground necessary to bring corrective action when the inevitable disruption emerges.

Drama from other groups

” Avoid conclusive or definitive statements or taking an immovable position. Instead, ask “what outcome are you seeking?,” or “how do you see us moving forward?”


There isn’t a silver bullet solution to any problem. Every group and its members will approach these problems differently simply because everyone has their own unique baggage, strengths, weaknesses, hurts, and winning formulas they’ve built through life experiences.
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8 Ways to
Protect Your
Next Election.

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