Meeting with your
Elected Officials

Most elected officials you will be speaking with do NOT think podcasts, articles and videos are accurate or reliable. That’s just the way it is.

The elected officials you are speaking with understand documents. They respond to laws and policies.

If you take the time to mark up the existing law as shown above, you are speaking their language, and they often appreciate your organized effort, even if they don’t agree with all your points.

But this method gains traction with your legislators. It works because you are doing their job for them. Meaning, you are taking the time to write up the solution.

They have staff and resources to take your work and put it in a format for legislative consideration. Submit your solution for consideration, and suddenly you have taken the first step in promoting change.

Importantly, you are now on record for having provided a written concise solution for consideration. A well thought out written submission puts you in the driver’s seat.

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8 Ways to
Protect Your
Next Election.

Thank you for picking up this EBook. The future of our country, and the world, is literally now in your hands. That is not an exaggeration! But I am getting ahead of myself.