The Mechanics of the
Defend Florida Model

This lesson offers a step-by-step process for starting your journey to improving election integrity in your state.

And here are four steps to follow in order to get that done:


Start a group

It’s easier than you think. Many people think like you, but you need to find them. I started a group called Mad As Hell University on Telegram.

Learn to Canvass

Canvassing is the process of speaking with the residents in your neighborhood about how they voted in 2020. Not who they voted for, but what voting method they used ( e.g. in person, by mail, etc.).

Publish your results

Share these results with your group leader, other group leaders, your friends…anyone you can find…in order to get more people involved in canvassing.

Read your State's voting laws

The importance of this step was discussed in Lesson 1 under Myth #5. You can use the Brave search engine to find “your state” election statues.” You will need to spend a few hours on this task.
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8 Ways to
Protect Your
Next Election.

Thank you for picking up this EBook. The future of our country, and the world, is literally now in your hands. That is not an exaggeration! But I am getting ahead of myself.