“[Drapple Apps founder] Raj is an incredibly focused and effective business professional. He posses the rare ability to quickly and accurately decipher large quantities of information, organize thoughts, people, and initiatives, and most effectively conceive and implement solutions….He is an extraordinary “Get it Done” person with the gift to sort through noise and advance complex endeavors. His ventures are always progressive, strategic, and well thought out and realistic. It’s a pleasure and always rewarding to work with Raj at any opportunity that presents itself.”   Bill Ramalho CEO
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“Raj is a visionary. A wealth of knowledge on resources to bring together just about anything I can imagine. (And I am known to have quite an imagination) This is just the beginning. Raj demonstrates and relentless passion and dedication to all he commits to. I have known Raj to work around the clock and never looking at the time of day when need be. He is very detailed and asks key question before committing answers. When he arrives at and answer or agreed upon plan, he is one of the very best and committed people I have yet to work with. Raj also is non-confrontational and very patient. He understands his customer and the anxious nature of tech development and has a very caring and genuine approach to communicating the very best solution for the given situation.I trust Raj and appreciate the relationship we have grown as he from the very beginning made it clear he was up for a challenge and to this day, we still work side by side. Developing Floralapp (a first in the floral industry) came with many challenges and since there was no track record, it was very cloudy at times as to the direction we were going. Raj helped clear the view with his experience and articulate methods of communication.I would highly recommend Raj due to his commitment, integrity and experience that I have found to be one of the very best in technology.” Art Conforti CEO Beneva Solutions

“Raj is an exceptional officer possessing tremendous vision, intelligence, integrity and personality. I have personally witnessed his tireless efforts in bringing a revolutionary, and much needed, product to market.”  Steve Saxton Partner EVO Business Group

“Raj (Professional Business Services) added creativity and value to every component of our mobile app. My partners and I have been astounded at the real time insights Raj has offered including multiple tools to maximize the viral factor, simplify complex functions, and increase overall effectiveness and profitability. I would have paid twice what I did for the end product.” Jordan Owens Co-Founder

“Raj helped us develop an online application which has been very helpful to the Sheriff’s HR office. Having law enforcement people in charge of sections they know little about is oftentimes difficult to overcome. Raj and his group worked tirelessly with our HR Captain to get the application setup and operational.”  Jeff Feathers Manager

“Raj is an honest detailed individual that gives undivided attention to every task that I have seen him perform.”  Charlie Jester Manager

“Our work force went from 5 people to over 60 in this period of time. Raj was critical in this light speed ramp up. He took us from a very antiquated non networked environment to a stream lined automated machine. This allowed the company to reach goals that were not anticipated or even thought possible. Raj has the unique ability to be both a technical guru and marketing manager. He understands the balance between selling something and the technical nature to make it work. His wordly experience and easy going nature make him very approachable to all team members. Count on him to produce what he says he will do and in the time frame expected.”  Robin Barber Account Executive, Indigo

“Raj is a creative problem solver, who balances the intricacies of technical solutions while never losing site of the end objective. He knows how to bring together the right people in appropriate roles to achieve project goals.”  James Sweiderk CEO They Will

“[The App] Increases the efficiency of our staff, relieving the manager time to focus on other issues. Sets our company apart from the rest in a marketing sense. Allows our association to be more effective. Increases the confidence in our company. Allows the Boards of Committees to have access at their leisure to review the efforts of our staff and plan for the next step in dealing with infractions within the community.” Walt Hammerling CEO Aurgus Property Management

“The time savings [from the app] equates to cutting the time in half.”  Danielle Ward Manager Gates Hudson

“Raj delivered in every aspect of our business relationship. He is bright ,creative, detailed oriented and a great communicator. You should do business with Raj.” Max Mitchell Newman Owner MMN Health

“I find  Tracer [the App[ to be the best investment in software my company has made to date!”  Lisa Lindsay CEO

“I will be able to reduce my costs by 75% using this system.” Jeff Greenacre, President Greenacre Property Management

“Extremely effective…superb!” Sejal Patel, Manager

“Excellent, above expectations.” D. Gifford, Vice President.

“Raj has a keen business sense and strong entrepreneurial drive. He also possesses the wonderful mix of confidence and excellent interpersonal skills that make him a highly effective CEO. I had the pleasure to work with Raj on a deep technical design review of a potential new product and came away impressed.”   Jason Carlson Vice President of Engineering

“Raj is an innovator with an eye for spotting trends and finding interesting ways to create value. He also has the all-too-rare gift of being able to effectively execute and he gets things done — even under the most intense pressure. Most significantly to me, however, is that Raj is a man of his word. He conducts business with the highest integrity. It is an honor to work with him.”  David Johnson CEO, Author, Speaker, Pastor

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