Dentists, Attorneys, Realtors, Auto Repair, Retail, Church,  Theater, Restaurant, Hair Stylist, Professional Services, Non Profits, Clubs, Gyms …


Have consumers that don’t know you, find you. For Free!  Our technology will have you tapping the network of your existing customers – automatically.  Result: Acquire customers from your existing customer’s networks!

Increase the spend per customer per visit to your business.  Our implementation will help increase sales of additional products/services and also give greater visibility to more of your products and services.

Of the 1.06 billion monthly users of Facebook, 680 million are mobile users. You can access these consumers.

Coupons that drive more traffic to your business
Increase repeat business with our Coupons and Loyalty functions



Customers receive a message when they are near your business

Effective Communications are ones that result in buying actions. In business, you don’t just want your communications to be read. You want them to be clear.  And you want actions taken – specifically buying actions.


One of Raj Doraisamy’s clients reaches 10,000 in downloads!

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